From Argentine to Europe: MIRAIICO offers advice on sustainable mobility around the world

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This Argentine company works with automotive, agro, vehicle rental companies and other actors regarding the mobility and transportation ecosystem with the aim of advising them developing new business models.

MIRAIICO is a company that helps companies prepare for a digital and global future, focusing on business transformation strategies throughout innovation. It mainly offers strategic consulting services, innovation and advice on sustainable mobility, connectivity and implementation of associated technologies.

Although the company began operating in Argentina, it rapidly managed to expand and is currently working in Europe with automotive companies, software providers and technology companies related to mobility.

MIRAIICO works specifically in counseling different organizations which are involved in mobility, whether they are terminals, distributors or companies that own large fleets. The main objective is to be involved and collaborate in the transformation of the industry by implementing new business models in the most efficient way.

“Many companies are transforming and providing mobility services nowadays. There is an important ecosystem of partners surrounding and supporting this trend” declares Emanuel Bucciarelli, founder of MIRAIICO, in dialogue with Portal Movilidad.

How does the modus operandi work?

The first step is to determine the organization’s objectives and the type of mobility service they plan to implement.

“We seek to understand where they want to go and determine if what they are looking for is profitability, innovation or positioning through a new service,” says Bucciarelli.

Based on the above, they develop a strategy taking into account several factors: Investment, business model, what vehicles should be put at disposal, how could these be promoted and who should be the specific target.

The company also works on optimizing fleet management and electrification. In order to do this, they have to operate from a strategic point of view.

Subsequently, MIRAIICO is in charge of carrying out a pilot, given that they have a “background” with a technological point of view and that they work with other companies involved in this area, and therefore evaluate which is the best software and connectivity platform.

Furthermore, the consulting firm intervenes in the entire procedure, accompanying clients in the implementation of the strategy and advising them during all the process.

“We give them precise operating guidelines, how to measure and manage the business, we advise them on how many people they should put into service, what type of training they should have and what are the main inconveniences they may suffer and could be avoided” , explains Bucciarelli.

And he adds: “Companies are very clear on how to do their traditional business, but they find it difficult to migrate towards new business models or implement disruptive technologies. We accompany them so that they meet their objectives. That is why we offer a comprehensive service whose advantage lies in the fact that we can offer advise throughout the execution of the strategy.”

At MIRAIICO we support transformation and prepare companies for a digital and global future.